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Lake Country Firewood has all your cook wood favorites. Whether you’re serving up food professionally for paying customers or just whipping up dinner at home, choosing the right species of firewood for your application makes all the difference. Depending on the style of cooking you're doing, there’s a variety of species worth considering. Luckily for you, we've laid out some recommended options for each application. 

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Cooking firewood for SE Wisconsin restaurants

Firewood Not To Use For Cooking

For cooking, especially indoors, stay away from softwoods and greenwoods. You should also stay away from woods that are laminated, pressure-treated, or painted. These kinds of woods give off toxic gases and should not be burned indoors for any reason. Softwood firewood such as pine, cedar, or redwood contains sap, which produces undesirable amounts of soot and smoke during the burning process. The category of firewood to use for cooking should instead be seasoned and dried hardwoods. Hardwoods contain the appropriate amount of BTUs or cooking power needed to achieve an effective flame. They also burn cleaner and last longer compared to softwoods.

Best Cook Wood For Wood-Fired Ovens (aka Pizza Ovens):

For the best results in wood ovens, we recommend wood that burns efficiently and produces great coals for consistent temperature control. Firewood examples include Cherry, Maple, and Oak (Red or White).

Best Cook Wood For Smoking Meat:

Largely depending on the type of meat you’re smoking and the flavor you’re trying to achieve, we generally recommend using wood with a pleasant fragrance and low smoke levels. Our firewood choices for smoking meat include Cherry, Oak, Hickory, & Maple.

Best Cook Wood For Open Flame Cooking:

As old school as it gets, open flame cooking is a great way to introduce delicious flavors to any food. The best firewood for open flame cooking is dry hardwoods that burn hot and create excellent coals. The firewood best suited for open-flame cooking is Alder, Cherry, Elm, Hickory, Maple, or Oak.

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Lake Country Firewood provides the highest-quality wood at the lowest prices in the area. We’re proud to supply firewood to local people and businesses who rely on it most. We deliver right to your door and can stack it for you wherever you store your firewood.

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