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Grubbing, Logging, & Tree Clearing Services

Lake Country Firewood has the knowledge, experience and equipment to efficiently tackle your land clearing project in Milwaukee, Madison and Southeastern Wisconsin. We specialize in land clearing services and clear heavily wooded lots where grubbing and logging are required. Our goal as a land clearing company is to provide the best services to meet our client’s needs at the lowest possible cost.

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Wisconsin land clearing services (grubbing and forestry)

Land Clearing Services in Wisconsin

Large development projects often require a land clearing provider, as land clearing is often the first step. Completing this crucial step on time and providing effective groundwork is our primary focus in every clearing job. From steep and rolling glacial areas to riverbanks, lakeshores and everything in between, we work efficiently on any terrain. Count on Lake Country Firewood to provide effective land clearing services in a timely manner. Contact us to request tree and debris clearing for construction, driveways, commercial development, removal of invasive tree species, right of way, trails and utility easements.

We are a land clearing provider in Madison, West Bend, Milwaukee County, Oconomowoc, Waukesha County, Dane County, Menomonee Falls, Dodge County, Sun Prairie and the surrounding areas.


Once all trees are felled and logs are removed from the site, Lake Country Firewood can grind away stumps and roots to prepare the site for immediate excavation. If stump grinding is required for your land clearing project, we can deliver.

Grinding away undergrowth is critical to preparing a site for construction. Doing so provides the necessary space and accessibility to keep your project on schedule going forward. At Lake Country Firewood, we provide quick and efficient grubbing services at any job where it’s required.

MFL Compliant Logging Services

Lake Country Firewood can provide forestry clearing services compliant with the Managed Forest Law (MFL) program. Not all land clearing companies comply. The MFL program encourages sustainable forestry on private woodland in exchange for reduced property taxes. Our land clearing company follows sound practices to retain MFL compliance.

Frequently Asked Land Clearing Questions

What does land clearing consist of?

Land clearing is the removal of trees, stumps and vegetation from a wooded lot in preparation for land use. The process of land clearing can also include digging up rocks, filling large holes and even smoothing out hills.

Does clearing land make it more valuable?

Having clearing services performed on your land has the potential to noticeably increase its value. Lot clearing services make the land more accessible and accomplishes an important first step in any potential development project.

What is the easiest way to clear land?

While you could try to handle land clearing by yourself, hiring a professional company is the easiest way to avoid the stress. Trustworthy land clearing contractors will have the needed equipment including mulchers, bulldozers, excavators and chainsaws to get the job done. Be sure the company you hire takes into account any special requirements you have during the land clearing process.

Why is land clearing necessary?

Land clearing is often necessary to make way for new development or to create space for farming or other land use activities. It can also be done to reduce the risk of wildfire or to improve the health of a forest.

Can land clearing be done sustainably?

Yes, land clearing can be done sustainably by taking steps to minimize the environmental impact and protect natural resources. This may include using methods that are less harmful to the environment, such as selective clearing or using specialized equipment, as well as replanting trees and other vegetation to restore the land.

Land Clearing Service in Southeastern Wisconsin

At Lake Country Firewood, there's no land clearing project too big or too small. We are a land clearing provider and service the wider Milwaukee and Madison areas, including: 

  • Milwaukee
  • Madison
  • Iron Ridge
  • Hartford
  • Slinger
  • Mayville
  • Horicon
  • West Bend
  • Oconomowoc
  • Hartland
  • Pewaukee
  • Watertown
  • Waukesha
  • Brown Deer, and the surrounding communities.

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